I am fortunate enough to have a Europe based company from Slovenia that produces excellent bullets support me.

Armaforce produces affordable copper plated  and FMJ bullets that fly straight. That's what I need.

If you want to find out more about Armaforce go to:


Brownells Austria is a local Partner of Brownells USA and Brownells Europe and got the biggest product range of any European gun related store. I got a lot of stuff from them, from reloading tools to the AR-15 parts I built my rifles and carbines with and even optics.

They also carry armaforce bullets!

Check them out at:


Austrian manufacturer and store for top notch tactical gear.

We partnered up to create the "LOKI" kydex holster for competitive needs.

Check them out at:

AWORAT - Gebrauchtwaffen

Big Austrian website to trade and sell new or used guns and accesories regarding fishing, guns and survival. You'll also find shooting courses and similar stuff there.

Check it out at: